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Scottish Online Appraisal Resource

Welcome to SOAR

Welcome to Scottish Online Appraisal Resource (SOAR): Everything you need to know & everything you need to do to manage Medical Appraisal.

The Medical Appraisal scheme for Primary (GPs) and Secondary Care (Career Grade) Doctors working in Scotland has been developed by NHS Education for Scotland (NES) in conjunction with Scottish Government Health Department (SGHD), Scottish NHS Health Boards, BMA Scotland and the Royal College of General Practitioners in Scotland (RCGP Scotland).

Medical Appraisal is a national scheme, coordinated and quality assured on a national level.

The primary aim of the appraisal scheme is:

  • To help the individual doctor to identify their personal educational and development needs and formulate a plan around how these will be achieved.

SOAR offers doctors working in NHS Scotland Health Boards, both Primary and Secondary Care, an all electronic approach to Medical Appraisal, allowing you to complete your Appraisal Forms online, store your relevant appraisal materials accordingly, as well as signing off your Form 4 Summary. All this will contribute to the Revalidation process, of which SOAR will be a common pathway for in Scotland.

Trainee doctors in Scotland will also need to access SOAR to complete and sign off their annual Health, Probity and Complaints & Critical Incidents declarations prior to their annual meeting with their Educational Supervisors.

First time user?

If you are new to the system, please request a login by completing the Login Request form, the Health Board Administration will pick this up and arrange this locally:

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Your password is case sensitive, make sure you are entering the correct case. Also ensure you answer the security question asked when logging in.

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If you simply forgot your password, you can reset this by completing 2 randomly selected security questions (you would have provided this when you logged in initially). Follow the link for “Forgotten Password” and follow the on-screen instructions to self reset your own password.

Failed login / Locked out?

If you fail to login with the correct details, after the 3rd attempt the account you tried to login to will be locked out. Only the Local Administrators or the central Appraisal Team can then unlock the account. Either request a new login via the SOAR Login Request Form, or contact the Local Administration teams (links above).