10th August 2016

2015/2016 Medical Appraisal Scotland annual report - available now

The latest annual report is now available from the Medical Appraisal Scotland website:


We hope you find the report of interest and relevance to you.

11th July 2016

Recognition of Trainer (RoT) workshop notes

As part of the Recognition of Trainer (RoT) workshop at this year's annual Appraisers conference (5th May 2016), we invited the workshop delegates to jot down any RoT queries they had on post-its which were then discussed after the workshop presentation. Please find below the link to the presentation and the post-it note replies:


Our sincerest apologies for not organising this sooner.

28th June 2016

Recognition of Trainer (RoT) guidance for GPs

There has been some confusion for GPs over completion of the RoT form. A flowchart has been developed to provide further guidance on this:


Please visit the Medical Appraisal Scotland website via the direct URL above.

25th January 2016

New round of SOAR demos scheduled

We have organised a new round of SOAR demos (via BT WebEx) for 2016. If you are interested (or need a refresher) on how SOAR works, what's needed from the Appraiser and the Appraisee, please visit the Medical Appraisal Scotland website for details and booking instructions: